5 Minutes with Kara Jorgensen

Here is an interview I did with the wonderful Chris Pavesic!


kara j

This is a chance to learn a bit more about Kara Jorgensen, author of The Earl of Brass (Ingenious Mechanical Devices #1) and The Winter Garden (Ingenious Mechanical Devices #2).

Website: http://karajorgensen.com

Twitter: @authorkaraj

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorkarajorgensen

I started writing . . .

When I was about nine or ten, I was infatuated with Sherlock Holmes after watching the Basil Rathbone movies from the 1940s and began devouring Conan Doyle’s stories. This love of Sherlock Holmes led to some very sappy fan fictions, but they did instill my love of writing historical fantasy. In my teens, I continued writing on and off, but while at university, I realized writing was my passion and pursued it wholly, adding an English major alongside my biology major. Now, I’m in graduate school working toward an MFA in creative writing.

What I love most about writing . . .

I love watching my characters…

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