Project Announcement: The Book Three Journey

The title of book three of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices will be:

the earl and the artificer titleThe Earl and the Artificer will soon have its own Goodreads page in a few weeks, once I solidify the plot a bit more and can come up with a working blurb.  In the meantime, I can give you a little background into what will happen in book three.

Eilian and Hadley Sorrell are back.  Newly married and at the urging of his mother, they journey to Dorset to visit his ancestral home, Brasshurst Hall, and meet his tenants. What they didn’t expect to find is a manor built on Ancient Roman ruins complete with a greenhouse that hides a secret, a plant long thought extinct that once drove the empire’s prosperity, and an estate manager who seemingly appears out of nowhere.  As Hadley comes to terms with her new role as the Countess of Dorset, Eilian struggles to figure out where or if he belongs amongst his family tree. Delving deeper into the secrets of the house, Eilian and Hadley become embroiled in a murder when the estate manager is found dead in the greenhouse.  The suspects include an Egyptologist, a novelist, the estate manager’s young third wife, and of course, the earl and countess.  While the Sorrells grapple with married life and their own shifting identities, they must solve the murder before an innocent man goes to prison.

Over the next few months, I’ll be posting about my research: manor houses, the role of men and women in the Victorian era, asexuality, reputation, ancient plants, and many more.  The book probably won’t be out until the winter of 2015 or spring or 2016, depending on how much I get done over the summer.  I hope you will join me on my journey with Eilian and Hadley as they venture to Folkesbury, Dorset and uncover the mysteries of Brasshurst Hall.

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2 thoughts on “Project Announcement: The Book Three Journey

    1. Thanks, Ben! I know I won’t be able to get much writing done until the semester is over in a few weeks, but I’m looking forward to writing this book.

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