Flowers and Flourishing

Genre tags: historical fantasy, queer romance, paranormal fantasy, paranormal romance, sapphic romance, trans romance, Latinx main character, trans main character, lesbian main character, bisexual main character, jaguar shifter, neurodivergent main character

CWs: Vomit (once), on page sexual content, grief/remembered deaths of loved ones, mentions of pregnancy, brief mentions of period typical homo/transphobia

The plan had been simple: arrange a marriage of convenience with her best friend, get him a position at the Paranormal Society, and get the hell out of California, but even the best laid plans go awry. What Louisa Galvan never accounted for was Felipe being transferred to Manhattan or finding a woman like Agatha Pfeiffer.

Agatha hadn’t asked to be a plantmancer. Her dream had always been to become a professional artist, but after hours sweltering in the Paranormal Society’s greenhouses, painting is impossible. In exchange for time off, Agatha is expected to convince Louisa to stay at the Manhattan Branch, but she quickly finds her reasons are wholly selfish.

As their feelings grow, Louisa realizes she has two choices: continue to hide or reach for a life she never knew was possible and convince Agatha to come with her. But Agatha and Louisa aren’t the only ones conspiring. Can Louisa convince Agatha that she deserves the life of her dreams or will their love wither on the vine?

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