🌈 2022 October Queer Releases 🌈

The Reanimator’s Heart is on this list along with many others! Stop by to restock your TBR piles!


Nota Bene: an asterisk (*) is added near the titles to mean that the book DOES NOT feature queer characters on page (to my knowledge), but the author is queer and therefore still in need of our support as those book are intrinsically queer (or at leastIthink so, everyone else is absolutely free to feel otherwise).

I try to be as inclusive as I possibly can, so my monthly release posts will always include books by non-queer authors who feature queer main characters or prominent queer secondary characters, as well as books by queer authors with or without representation as I wrote above.

TitleAuthor/EditorCategory/GenrePublication Date
The Woodcutter and the Snow PrinceIan Eagleton & Davide Ortu (Illustrator)Picture Book01-10-2022
Bite Me! (You Know I Like It)Fae QuinnAdult/Fantasy01-10-2022
Death’s BloomLily MayneAdult/Horror03-10-2022
Last Night in BrightonMassoud HayounAdult/Contemporary04-10-2022

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The Box Set of Books 1-3 of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices is Now Available at All Major Retailers

For quite a few years, the box set of books 1-3 of the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series was only available on Amazon, but I have finally taken it wide, which means that you can now buy a copy on all major ebook retailers, such as Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Apple, and more.

The best part is that if you buy the box set, it costs 20% less than buying the three books individually.

The box set contains The Earl of Brass (#1), The Gentleman Devil (#2), and The Earl and the Artificer (#3).

If you click the button below, it will take you to your favorite retailer. If you have never visited Books2Read before, it will ask you to pick a retailer and will remember for future clicks.


Hacked on Facebook/Instagram

*deep sigh* So on Tuesday night, my Facebook account was hacked. If you’re friends with me or follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I disappeared.

Someone took over my account and posted horrible things to get it disabled and then they tried to charge my Paypal account for Facebook ads. I’m also currently fighting a $125 charge to that from these people. I didn’t have a whole lot of mental spoons to begin with, and this certainly didn’t help.

I have no idea if I will get my Facebook or Instagram accounts back at this point. I have a back-up Instagram at Karajorgensenwriter just in case, which I’m now using.

What I hate most about this is how isolated I suddenly feel. I had been predominantly using Twitter and Discord recently, but there were several friends I only spoke to on Instagram’s messenger. Having to track everyone down is hard and people assume my new account is a clone/hacked one, which is doubly frustrating.

On top of all that, if my account is eventually deleted/disabled, I lose tons of pictures of pets who have passed on and some pics of my dad who has also passed on. I’m more upset by the loss of pictures than anything else. And Facebook’s “help” is anything but. There is literally no way to reach out to an actual person for help, so god knows if I’ll get anything back and because the hackers posted horrible things, making a new account is VERY difficult at this point because they’re tied to my devices/IPs. You see the problem here.

Anyway, follow me on Twitter at @authorkaraj or Instagram at Karajorgensenwriter or sign up for my newsletter if you care more about book news than dog and crochet pics.


Book Review: Kinship and Kindness by Kara Jorgensen

Beauty in Ruins

Title: Kinship and Kindness

Author: Kara Jorgensen

Publisher: Kara Jorgensen

Publication Date: August 5, 2020

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Romance

Shelves: Transgender

This was just delightful, both sweeter and darker than I expected, with some wonderful themes of understanding and acceptance throughout. Kinship and Kindness is a story of pack and of family, a story about transformations, and a story of making one’s own destiny, all set in a historical setting.

One of the first things that struck me about the story was Kara Jorgensen’s flair for detail. This is a book you can hear, smell, and feel on every page. It’s fully immersive, but in a way that’s never intrusive or overwhelming. I mean, read this and tell me you’re not right there, on that street, covering your nose:

Even in winter, the city still tasted of coal dust and bodies, a thousand dishes cooking on one stove overlaid…

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Reading Rec: A Duke in Disguise

In A Duke in Disguise, we get a long-lost nobleman, a saucy book about historical figures, and a woman who loves cheese nearly as much as I do.


Verity wants nothing more than to keep her family’s paper open despite her brother heading recklessly toward the gallows with his seditious ramblings. The only thing that seems to temper him is their dear friend, Ash. Ash is adrift. His ex-guardian and dear friend is headed off to Italy to improve his health, and after moving in with Verity and her brother, he finds himself unable to maintain the distance he once was able with her. The attraction is mutual, but they fear what might happen should their friendship become more since neither has many friends or relations to spare. That is until a chance meeting sends Ash into a crash course with a family full of secrets, some that will illuminate his past.

I received an ARC of A Duke in Disguise in exchange for an honest review and have been a fan of Cat Sebastian for a while, so take that into consideration when reading this review. Verity and Ash have a special place in my heart. Both are so earnest and sweet in their own ways, oblivious to the depth of each other’s feelings in a way that makes you want to simultaneously bash their heads together and hug them.

Verity is what I love in a heroine: strong-willed, driven (to the point of distraction), and a bit messy. I particularly love a heroine who has an appetite. In this case, food and sex (and we get some bi rep!). Ash is equally endearing. He is an artist who also has to deal with epilepsy. This features into the story’s plot, but it is handled realistically and doesn’t dominate the narrative. Ash is a softer hero, which I appreciate greatly in romance and is one of the reasons I love Cat Sebastian’s stories. He’s capable, tactful, and warm without being domineering or rude. The side characters, like Aunt Caroline and Roger are some of my favorite characters in this story. I am still hoping for short stories featuring the older characters because I’m a softy and love them as much as Ash does.

Overall, A Duke in Disguise has a wonderfully strong cast filled with characters devoted to each other. If you’re looking for a romance with reluctant nobility, an examination of power dynamics, and lots of wine, cheese, and cranky cats, you’re in for a treat.

A Duke in Disguise comes out April 9th, so grab a copy on Amazon now and have it delivered to your Kindle next week.


Indie Author Appreciation: Part Deux!

If you’re looking for some summer readers, here are some indie suggestions (including my own books).


Hello again, everyone!

(I know, I know—I said I’d post next week, but given I put it together faster than anticipated, I figured, “Why wait?”).

As promised, I’ve put together Part Two of my Indie Author Appreciation blog entry, with another five indie authors to spotlight. So, let’s get to this, shall we?
As you may recall from my last entry, the purpose behind this is to show support for some of those lesser-known talents in the indie publishing industry. Authors that I feel are too incredible—each in their own ways—to not be given the attention they deserve. Writers that have put in the time and effort to create stories that tickle our funny bones or warm our hearts; writers that open our eyes to new perspectives, or grant us comfort through characters we can relate with; writers, in short, who have put their blood, sweat, tears, and precious time…

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The archive and solo performance

My favorite professor and mentor has created a blog about solo performances in drama. It’s incredibly interesting, informative as well as introspective.

Blog as Solo Performance

The point is to share the stories conveyed by the solo performers. Aye, but there’s the rub. Solo performances are ephemeral; perhaps even more than the multi-act play. They live in the body of the performer during the moment of performance and then they are done, only occasionally revived or performed by others. Yes, there are some records of the performances, but it is mighty hard to gather that evidence all together in written or even video or audio form. Recently, I spent some time at the NYPL Performing Arts Library which has done an amazing job of amassing archival material for all kinds of live theater, dance and music productions which otherwise would be lost. While there, I learned that there were newspaper clippings reviewing or interviewing most of the solo performers I had seen and that there were also New York reviews of the productions. Although some of…

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Interview #106 – Author Kara Jorgensen, Part 3

Check out the 3rd part of my interview with the Airship Ambassador where I discuss what is on the horizons and why you should read my books if you like Downton Abbey and Doctor Who.

Airship Ambassador

Welcome back for part three in our talk with Kara Jorgensen, author of The Ingenious Mechanical Devices series, which includes The Earl of Brass, The Gentleman Devil, The Earl and the Artificer, Dead Magic, and Selkie Cove. There’s also a short story series including An Oxford Holiday, and The Errant Earl.

Read Part One here.

Read Part Two here.

Airship Ambassador: With five books, how much back story hasn’t been told yet?

Kara Jorgensen: I try to leave quite a bit of their lives behind the scenes unless I absolutely need to talk about it in the story. That way, in case I want to create a plot point in a future book that involves one of the characters, I have room to work with. In the series, I’ve mentioned parts of Eilian’s early travels, and one day, I would…

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Interview #106 – Author Kara Jorgensen, Part 2

Part two of my interview with the Airship Ambassador about writing, the Ingenious Mechanical Devices, and characters dealing with -isms.

Airship Ambassador

Welcome back for part two in our talk with Kara Jorgensen, author of The Ingenious Mechanical Devices series, which includes The Earl of Brass, The Gentleman Devil, The Earl and the Artificer, Dead Magic, and Selkie Cove. There’s also a short story series including An Oxford Holiday, and The Errant Earl.

Read Part One here.

Airship Ambassador: There are a lot of -isms in The Earl of Brass, and you and the characters don’t shy away from them. How do they relate to the key themes being presented?

Kara Jorgensen: Each of the characters deals with different sets of issues. In the series, we have ableism, feminism, sexism, racism, and prejudice against LGBT people. These come in varying shades and intensities. A lot the subplots in my stories deal with characters coming to accept themselves for who they are, despite…

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