Please allow me…

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Good day. Allow me to impregnate you. Yes, i said impregnate. I would be very happy if you would let me make you pregnant with links to buy indie books.

Got you.

You see, I am an indie author of punks. Steam. Diesel. More to come! But, I have friends who write as well, very good friends and exceptional writers. They slave over laptops, giving birth to monstrous tales, fierce romances, boisterous adventures. And all they, and I want to do is stuff our tales into your mental wombs, letting them grow in your brain, suckling the neural nectar that is you.

Didn’t you always want to have kids? No, not real, run around, ankle-biting kids. I mean, imaginary, fun, scary, landscape altering children who bring with them solid escapades and virtuous storytelling!

That’s what writers provide, escape from dullery, a repositioning of the mind to see the world and…

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