Review: An Oxford Holiday: An Ingenious Mechanical Devices Short Story by Kara Jorgensen

A lovely review of my short story “An Oxford Holiday” by Katie Meyer


When my Amazon account alerted me to the new book by Kara Jorgensen, it was like Christmas (and subsequently my birthday, which will be this December 24) had come early. This 8,000 word follow up to Jorgensen’s The Winter Garden was the perfect morsel to tide me over while I wait for her third novel to land.


          An Oxford Holiday finds us a few months out from where we left Immanuel Winter and Adam in the second An Ingenious Mechanical Devices novel. Immanuel has gone back to school and Adam is visiting him for the weekend. Despite the roller coaster of emotions that The Winter Garden took us on, and in preparation for what I’m sure will be a whirlwind of emotions in the third installment, An Oxford Holiday is a peaceful read. We see how Immanuel and Adam have grown together and how…

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