Stories and Steampunk…

S C Gregory

House of Sept It’s really hard to write some days. To get that motivation, the get up and go!

I really try to get writing in every day, whether it’s doing a chapter for Wolf Born, research or the sketching out of ideas in one of many notebooks! However, sometimes, I need a rest. So, I go onto other, smaller projects, such as making jewellery, reading a book or re-reading one I haven’t perused in a while! The thing is, my life revolves around books and writing, so I always feel happier when I’m doing those sorts of writing/reading related things.

Right now, I’m completing the edit for Wolf Born in order to get it published, which I think will be through self-publishing, perhaps Amazon/Kindle. The story is complex, something I just plunge into, and hope I don’t drown in the pages! The world within the book is changing and not always for…

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