Personal Life

Me, My Self, and I

What am I doing today?  Well, part of it will be taken up by going to Panera for an early birthday meal for my boyfriend (happy almost 24th birthday to him) and the rest will be devoted to me and my writing.

I am embracing being selfish and self-involved and all of those horrible “self” words people hurl at you when they think you should be doing something else. Continue reading “Me, My Self, and I”

Personal Life

Migraines and Deadlines

As the saying goes, “Even the best laid plans go awry.”

Earlier in the week, I decided to set up the Kindle pre-order of The Winter Garden (IMD #2), and of course, I made a schedule for what I need to accomplish each day for the next two weeks.  Each day, I planned to edit about 5 chapters while finishing up the ending.  Luckily, I built in quite a bit of padding and I figure I will be able to get it done by March 31st (technically the 21st because that is when Amazon needs the final file), but I am sick. Continue reading “Migraines and Deadlines”