The 777 Challenge

Kate M. Colby has tagged me in The 777 Challenge! The premise of the challenge is to share seven lines from the seventh page of your current work-in-progress then tag seven writers to do the same.

This scene is from the end of chapter one in The Earl and the Artificer, which will [hopefully] be out by the end of the year. Eilian and Hadley have just arrived at Brasshurst Hall.

A hand swatted his shoulder, but his attention never wavered from the page. He had never been able to find a pristine copy in Arabic.

A claw gripping his shoulder and squeezed. “Eilian.”

Looking up, he met her wide blue eyes, the freckles across her nose stark against her sudden pallor. She motioned for him to peer through the whole in the grime. Between the trees and dense foliage of the greenhouse, a figure sat in a wingback chair beside the algal pool.

“Someone’s in there.”

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I nominate (if they feel like it):

  1. Chess Desalls
  2. William J. Jackson
  3. Karen J. Carlisle
  4. Luther M. Siler
  5. S. C. Gregory
  6. Nicolette Andrews
  7. Ben Y. Faroe

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