Review: The Winter Garden – Kara Jorgensen

A fantastic review of The Winter Garden from Katie Meyer. Thank you! =) Made my day!


The thing I like most about Kara Jorgensen’s writing is that it engages me and keeps me thinking while I read. Her second novel, The Winter Garden, introduces readers to new characters, while keeping some from her first novel, around. The Winter Garden also stands out because the main characters are not mainstream – they are gay and the novel accurately highlights their struggles to be happy, all the while staying true to her promise of layering science with fiction and creating a truly fantastic steampunk novel.
Jorgensen does not waste time in launching her readers into the action. From page one, the plot trucks along, draws you in and keeps you hooked. Her characters are constantly evolving and becoming these real people that you just want to root for. Immanuel is gentle, smart, has a secret and a strength that made me fall in love with him. When he…

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