Author/Novel Spotlight: Kara Jorgensen, The Winter Garden

Her is an interview I did with Jeffrey Collyer. Check it out!

Jeffrey Collyer author

In this post I hear from Kara Jorgensen about her forthcoming novel, The Winter Garden, the second book in the Ingenious Mechanical Devices series.

Kara Jorgensen is an author and professional student from New Jersey who will probably die slumped over a Victorian novel. Midway through a dissection in a college anatomy class, Kara realized her true passion was writing and decided to marry her love of literature, history, and science through steampunk.

What made you decide to publish a novel?

Since I was ten, I have wanted to be a writer. I always thought I would need to search out a publisher and wait to be picked from the slush pile, but when I realized self-publishing was a viable option that would allow me more freedom than traditional publishing, I jumped at it. I had my first book, The Earl of Brass, pretty much ready to go. It’s…

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