The Earl of Brass, by Kara Jorgensen – a book review

Awesome review on my book The Earl of Brass, thank you, Katie!


earl of brass

In order to write this review, I had to dig out my thesaurus because the words “amazingly awesome” just did not do The Earl of Brass justice. So the words “marvelous,” “phenomenal,” “stupendous,” and “wonderful” will have to do.
What makes The Earl of Brass worthy of dragging out my old thesaurus? Simply the language, author Kara Jorgensen, uses when laying out the plot, the twists and turns, the characters, and the dialogue that fill the pages of her novel. Jorgensen is bringing back vocabulary, and if she keeps writing, I dare say the English language might yet be saved.
As I read The Earl of Brass, multiple things jumped out at me, one being the thick description that made me feel as though I was living in 18th century England. Jorgensen goes to great lengths to paint the scenes of Eilian’s home in the country side of London…

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