Straddling the Genre Line

The phrases “genre fiction” and “literary fiction” strike fear into my heart.  There’s a constant tug and pull in the literary world between what is of the higher art and what is considered beneath the establishment.  What should be valued more? Entertainment and enjoyment or the more “artistic”, philosophical, cerebral side of literature. Being aContinue reading “Straddling the Genre Line”

The Writing Process

One of the members of my Facebook author page asked if I would do a post about my writing process.  After I saw it, I sat back and scratched my head.  What was my writing process?  Like many things, when you live with it, it isn’t nearly as obvious as it is to others.  Continue reading “The Writing Process”

The Earl of Brass is IndieReader Approved!

I awoke today to the most glorious news: The Earl of Brass was given a 4.5 star rating from The IndieReader, which means it has been given the distinction of being IndieReader Approved!  You can check out the review here.   Since 8:30 this morning, I have been doing my happy dance and texting, messaging,Continue reading “The Earl of Brass is IndieReader Approved!”

A Woman of Principle

On my blogs and page, I try as a rule not to get too political on my author page or blog, but a recent event has refused to leave my mind, leaving me to purge it through writing. One of the authors I know from the writing groups I am a part of on FacebookContinue reading “A Woman of Principle”

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell You’re an Indie Writer

When you are an indie or self-published writer, you come across a strange phenomena.  Should you tell people you are not traditionally published unless they ask?   For several decades, self-publishing was referred to as “vanity publishing.”  Vanity publishing was when a writer would pay to have their books printed in limited runs, and theyContinue reading “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell You’re an Indie Writer”