Editing Services

I am a writer and editor with an MFA in Creative Writing and experience editing not only fiction but academic papers and journal articles. In terms of genre or length, I will edit anything. I write historical-fantasy, so I’m very familiar with historical fiction, fantasy, romance, and sci-fi. Due to my academic background, I’m also comfortable and skilled at editing academic papers.

Rates listed below are based on those suggested by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Free editing sample:
For novel-length projects, I will edit 1,000 words for free to determine if the level you select for editing is adequate and to ensure we are a good fit for each other. Not every editor and author jive. This 1,000 words will be subtracted from your word count total if you decide to hire me as your editor. For novellas and short stories, a shorter sample is available.

Level 1
0.01 cents per word ($10/1,000 words)
Copy-editing– one pass over your work. Good for work that has already been thoroughly self-edited.

Level 2
0.015 cents per word ($15/1,000 words)
Line-editing– two passes over your work. For those who have already had beta readers or critique partners look over your work.

Level 3
0.02 cents per word ($20/1,000 words)
Developmental/heavy editing– two passes over your work. For those who are in need of a more thorough edit. May be recommended after review of the sample edit.

0.006 cents per word. ($6/1,000 words)

Manuscript Critiquing
$4 per 1,000 words. I will read carefully through your manuscript, making notes of areas that need improvement. Areas covered include but are not limited to plot, characters, plot holes, dialogue, style, and pacing. Once I have finished, I will write a letter delineating what needs improvement along with a section denoting where the issues occur.

Writing Coaching
$20 an hour via Skype or FaceTime

All payments will be made through Paypal and can be broken into scheduled payments. A deposit will be required to ensure your spot in my editing schedule. The balance of your payment must be paid once the editing is completed and before you receive my feedback. Any additional edits or revisions will result in an additional charge.