The Winter Garden Proof Came!

Please forgive the narrow camera angle. I forgot that I should have turned my iphone sideways.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, my proof copy of The Winter Garden came Saturday! It looks fantastic, and all that’s left is for me to proof-read it.  It feels fantastic to be nearly done, especially now that I seem to be getting more work at my other job and in my classes.  I will be posting more later in the week about The Winter Garden and about some of the characters within it.

If you’re interested in a copy, you can pre-order it from Amazon UK or Amazon US (check out the “Buy Links” page) for 99 cents.  The ebook and paperback will be out March 31st.

wg proof 1wg proof 2wg proof 5wg proof 4

11 thoughts on “The Winter Garden Proof Came!

      1. Thus far, nope. The process gets smoother, but I think that makes it better. Less nervousness and more excitement. Though, I am still nervous about how everyone will like my second novel. If it becomes routine and dull, I think it’s time for a career change.

      2. Seriously. I guess I could see the mechanics of a book release getting routine or even boring, but if there’s no excitement about getting the story out into the world, might be time to seriously evaluate whether your stories are worth it.

      3. Exactly. Part of the reason I love being self-published/indie is that I make the deadlines and set the pace. This isn’t a business for me, so all of the stories I write are my babies. If I fail, it’s on me. If I succeed, it’s on me. It forces me to take pride in my work and evaluate if *I* think it is good enough.

      4. I think that’s huge. I’m finding that being an indie author really forces me into a lot of honest reflection and evaluation, both of individual stories quality/worth and of overall strategic decisions and direction. While it’s demanding, I’m increasingly finding it a source of real joy, in the way that any character-building hard work is.

        I reblogged this to try to help get the word out. Not that I have a huge reach yet, but hopefully every little bit helps :]

      5. I greatly appreciate it =) I agree though. It’s definitely helped me grow a bit as a person. You need to learn to take rejection or negative feedback, find venues to build exposure. It’s hard but so worth it.

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