Now on Tiktok

This is less of a useful post and more of an announcement post. I have decided to actually use my Tiktok account and promote some of my author/writing stuff on it. You can find me at @authorkarajorgensen on Tiktok or you can click this link.

It won’t exclusively be a place to post promo as no one likes that, but I think it’ll be a useful place to post some musings, some silliness, craft projects that appear better in video than photos, and of course, writing updates. Basically, it’s a lot like Instagram, but the videos can be longer, which makes vlogging about writing so much easier. That and I discovered Capcut, which is an editing app where you can fix your videos up and make them tidier before uploading them to Tiktok. I may have also bought a cheap tripod because having an intermittent hand tremor does not making filming videos easy.

Ultimately, I have been enjoying making videos, like more than I anticipated. I’m also trying to get more comfortable with talking on camera as I am still not accustomed to seeing my face not covered in eczema. It’s weird and a hang-up of mine, but this is helping to sort of break that.

I’m certainly not going to be joining in on any dancing videos or stupid challenges as the kids do, but if you like queer stuff, historical stuff, weird stuff, or books, my account may be of interest to you.

Stay tuned because next week on the blog, I will be posting a longer excerpt from The Reanimator’s Soul. See you all next time!