Works In Progress

Currently in Production:

These are books that I am actively working on and have a target publication date.

Flowers and Flourishing (A newsletter freebie novella)

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Flowers and Flourishing is a f/f cis/trans romance novella (approximately 37k words) which features side characters from The Reanimator’s Heart but has the trans MC x shifter MC format of books like Kinship and Kindness

The Reanimator’s Soul (The Reanimator Mysteries #2)

Stage: Brainstorming/outlining

The Reanimator’s Soul is the sequel to The Reanimator’s Heart, which picks up a few months after Oliver and Felipe left off. Some things to expect: Teresa Galvan, the tether becomes a problem, an institute with a mission and some closet skeletons, Oliver’s ex, the pomeranians, and of course, murder.

Projected Release: Autumn 2023 (last updated 1/27/23)

Trousers and Trouble (A Paranormal Society Romance #2)

6000 / 70000 words. 9% done!

Projected Release: Late 2023 (last updated 1/27/23)

On Deck

Books I plan to work on in the next year or so.

**These are not in any order**

  • Tempests and Temptation (A Paranormal Society Romance #3- Ruth and her girlfriend)
  • A Paranormal Society Romance #4 (last one in the series?- Rory’s story)
  • Book 3 of the Reanimator Mysteries
  • Paleontologist book


These are future projects I plan to work on but have no definite plan/date for publication yet.

  • Several more Ingenious Mechanical Devices books
  • Some queer contemporary romances
  • An epic fantasy series